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I live in Belgium, Europe and always dreamed to ride along Route 66.

Three years ago I decided to do it with a 100% green vehicle.

An electric bike seemed fun but the autonomy is quite limited if you want to ride

65 miles per day. No vehicle was able to do it, so I had no other choice to build it

myself. My first solar bike was made after a lot of calculations, many drawings and

3 prototypes.

With the help of friends who provided space in their garage for the last 3 years,

the first prototype came from a trailer that is used to pull a kayak with a bike,

the second one was hand-built with aluminum and I built the final one,

following a friend’s advice, with a much lighter material: carbon fiber,

allowing to save 30 pounds (15 kg). 

During those 3 years I get excited each time I flew out to Orlando.

It was thrilled to improve the calculations and plans I initially did at home.

And every time I came back home to Belgium I had more technical challenges to

solve and new things to try out. But for me this challenge is also a great human

adventure. The technical challenge is obviously what drives me, but it also brings a

wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with the people I’ll meet along the way,

it will give me an opportunity to share part of my dream with them, and who knows

who might want to join me on the road for a few miles (or more).


Visuals : Pascal Rasquart Photos : Barbara Calligaris & Solarbike66
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I’m Michel a 53 years old Belgian broadcasting engineer. In October 2017, I will attempt to make my dream come true: cover not less than 2448 miles in 60 days using only solar energy. I invented and built this solar bike piece by piece, which resulted in the first electric bike sourced by solar panels to reach a speed of 20 miles per hour. I will leave the Orlando area on October 2017, where I have built this bike, to head straight for Chicago where his amazing  challenge will start. In Chicago i will join Route 66 and will attempt a global record: riding all along Route 66 on a solar bike, ending in Santa Monica and headlining green energy as the sustainable new way in serving our daily needs. If you have sun you can find a way to make it run!
Visuals : Pascal Rasquart Photos : Barbara Calligaris & Solarbike66